Tuesday, July 04, 2006

America, Why I Love Her by John Wayne (1973)

All of my life I've felt privileged to have had good friends around me, privileged to have been able to do the kind of work I know and love the best, and to have been born in a country whose immense beauty and grandeur are matched only by the greatness of her people.
For a number of years I have tried to express a deep and profound love for these things; to be able to say what I feel in my heart. And, now, in this book, I've had the chance to do so.
I know most of you feel the same as I do about some of her imperfections, but sometimes that's good. Especially if it gets us working together to make things better. It seems to me we often take too much for granted, and have a tendency to forget "The Good Things about America."
My hope and prayer is that everyone know and love our country for what she really is and what she stands for. May we nurture her strengths and strengthen her weaknesses so that she will always be a "Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave." Sincerely, John Wayne

America, Why I Love Her is not only a book, but was also a record album that John Wayne recorded. The above picture is the jacket cover of the book, photograph by David Sutton, and designed by Ken Braren. The above message by John Wayne is on the back of the jacket cover. On the inside fly leafs of the jacket is the following message:

Perhaps no person in recent times has been more closely identified with the basic values of the American way of life than has John Wayne. Both personally and professionally, he has consistently reflected the solid, essential character of this country. In this book, he speaks directly to "the good things about America." As he says, "For a number of years I have tried to express a deep and profound love for these things; to be able to say what I feel in my heart."

With full-color photographs and text, as well as words and music from John Wayne's best-selling record album arranged for piano and guitar, America, Why I Love Her is a celebration of the varied aspects of American life. From his statement about the natural beauty of the landscape to his feelings about the people "working together, with a sound that brightens the air," each section reaffirms Wayne's belief that "United we stand, divided we fall; we're Americans, and that says it all."

America, Why I Love Her is a book that belongs in every American household--to read, reflect on and cherish.

America, Why I Love Her, by John Wayne, with Billy Liebert and the poetry of John Mitchum, was published in 1977 by Simon and Schuster.

The CD - The original album is no longer in print. However, Cindy Mitchum, daughter of John Mitchum, has acquired the rights to the album and has made a CD version available once again to the public. Her web address is http://www.bigjohnrecords.com, where you can purchase the CD online.

1. Why I Love Her
2. The Hyphen
3. Mis Raices Estan Aqui (My Roots Are Buried Here)
4. The People
5. An American Boy Grows Up
6. Face The Flag
7. The Good Things
8. The Pledge of Allegiance
9. Why Are You Marching, Son?


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